Life Coach

Dr. Bryant is a 10+ year seasoned renowned Life Coach, with a Masters degree in Marriage, Family, & Child Therapy. Dr. Bryant provides coaching sessions in office, telephonically, via skype, or she will travel to you. Whatever it takes for her clients to receive the guidance & help needed is what Dr. Bryant delivers.


Recognized as the “Speaker of Choice” by 5+ committees/organizations. Hand selected to speak on behalf of Maxine Waters (U.S Congress Woman) for Heroes Sung awards. Nominated for the 2015, “Woman of the Year” award.

Brand Ambassador

Successfully assists brands with growing their target audience and increasing sales. Recently completed a LBUSD (Long Beach Unified School District) campaign in conjunction with the LA Sparks to raise money for the school district. Was awarded 2017 “Woman of The Year.” 


Dr. Bryant is a renowned author. Her book titled, “Mental Detox,” is bi-coastal and internationally known, and has obtained the “Readers Favorite 5-Star Review” medal.

Dr. Bryant blessed the members of the Women’s Network @NBCUniversal with an exhilarating experience! With all the mental stresses of balancing the fast-paced environments of home, social, and work life, Dr. Bryant was the perfect reinforcement with her optimistic vitality and genuine perspective on self-care. Her advice was tailored to meet our personal and professional aspirations. She is an invaluable source of advice, motivation and provides guidance to ensure that you walk away empowered and “full”. Dr. Bryant perfected her ability to form personal connections in our session, allowing us to feel safe to let go of the clutter. Her connection with her authentic self, faith, and passion to transform toxic mindsets are truly inspirational.

Dr. Bryant, we are truly grateful for you! Thank you for coming out and delivering a powerhouse experience. You left us with encouraging words that allowed us to be vulnerable. Your guidance and expertise is unparalleled and we look forward to working with you on another professional development series! Women’s Network @NBCUniversal

On behalf of Dr. B as I affectionately call her. I AM Grateful that this lady has made a stance to deliver exceptional service in the arena of Life and Spiritual Coaching. Her role in assisting me to overcome certain barriers in my life will never be underestimated. I certainly and highly recommend this young gifted talented sister to all those who are seeking a higher way of living and being on this planet. Blessing and abundance to you for all that you do to further humanity on its quest to live the life of the Divine here and now! Everette Courtney, EC Enterprise

I arrived to one of Dr. Cheyenne Bryant’s success workshop to analyze her strategic Therapy & Life Coach approach. Much to my surprise within a few short hours, Dr. Bryant had built-in a sense of worthiness within my sister, set a new platform for a married couple to rebuild their relationship, witnessed a young lady vocalize letting go of her pain from a past experienced trauma and finally listening to a group of young siblings express their belief for a positive life. My prayer had been answered. God sent me the therapist for my daughter. Although I do not know the intricate details of Dr. Bryant’s therapy sessions with my daughter, I can tell you that my daughter expresses how she finally has a therapist & life coach that understand her. She states “the sessions are like sitting down with a friendly, only a wiser one, who gives me a different perspective on how to look at life.” My daughter without knowing it has begun to rebuild herself one piece at a time and is working through her depression.

Thank You Dr. Cheyenne Bryant for giving my daughter a valuable piece of knowledge: that there is no end to a journey and that she will always be changing, growing, and evolving to become a positive human being.

Workshop Attendee

My life coaching journey has been everything I hoped for and more. Dr. Bryant offers a very unique and real perspective on the situations that someone is dealing with. You’re always held accountable for your own growth, which you will see plenty of, and the solutions that she presents are tailored to you. Life Coach Client

Dr. Bryant! First off let me say that my spirit was moved and cleansed when I left your workshop. My fiancé and I are both going through a release and let go period in our lives and we could not have experienced a better moment together. My partner and I left stronger leaving your workshop based on tools that you provided to us showing us how to properly communicate. Thank you for your knowledge, and passion when dealing with us as your clients. I can’t wait to attend your next workshop on October 20th!! I have invited several people to come see if their perspective can be shifted to a more positive aspect. Love you Dr. Bryant!!

Khris Watts

Omg, where do I start! I had such a healing breakthrough at your workshop. It was not what I imagined, but all that I hoped for. Dr. Cheyenne Bryant was amazing! I really did heal it was an eye opening transformation, spiritual, and truth. GOD was in the building. Thank you, for an awakening. Can’t wait for the next one. You don’t want to miss your blessing. Dr. Bryant is the bomb.com. Love you for this Cheyenne.

Tammy Upshaw

Thank you, soo much you are amazing! I’m so glad I reached out I’ve felt for years u may be the one who can help me so I’ve reached out the best I know how and I’ve resorted to social media to keep tabs on my friends because I was ashamed of my lack of equity as u say! I already feel better thats my first time out of the house in years that actually had purpose and meaning! Thank YOU so much again! And I WILL build my equity! Im not dealing with anymore oranges because as of yesterday I’m in the guacamole business!

Auisha Olsen

Life coaching with Dr. Bryant was a life transforming experience. I started by reading her book “Mental Detox” which laid the foundation of our work together. The book literally spoke to my spirit and open the pathway for healing. In our weekly meetings Dr Bryant gave me instructions and
assignments that I followed that brought about a shift that changed my life. Her passion and enthusiasm for her work was undeniable. I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Dr Bryant and look forward to working with her in the future.

James Blunt

For me, Cheyenne’s workshop solidified the importance of self care. It taught me how to meditate; how to center myself and really listen; and also the importance of surrounding myself with like minded people who are actively working on change. It helped me to focus on my goals while releasing the negativity of “mom” guilt. Sharing in the ‘self-awareness’ experience with the other participants was surprisingly emotional and rewarding. I highly recommend attending a Dr. Bryant’s workshop. She is smart, aware, and equipped to help and guide us. Thank you Dr. Cheyenne Bryant for sharing your gift and providing a safe space to discover my own.

Jennifer Gatlin

I attended Dr. Bryant’s workshop to support her and when I tell you it was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. I am so happy I was in attendance. I have never experienced a meditation experience like I did. First of all, I did not know I had something so big inside of me that was hurting me so much and was creating some blockage to my happiness. During one of Dr. Bryant’s exercise, I was able to release a lot of resentment that I had in my heart for a special loved one in my life. I cried like a baby during the exercise and when I tell you afterwards my heart felt so light, it felt like something that was weighing on my heart had be lifted up. The feeling I felt is unexplainable!! All I know is that I felt amazing!!! It’s crazy how we have so many things bottled down in us from when we were children and it does so much harm to us because we refuse to let it go because of embarrassment or fear!! The workshop was an incredible experience for me!! Thank you Dr. B for helping me release!!!

Taina Anthony

Dr. Bryant’s workshop was amazing! I was expecting the workshop to be more superficial and motivational. However it was so much more. It was intense and emotionally and mentally cleansing. I learned a lot! I can’t wait to attend the next one in October!

Deshawn Benson

The workshop was very life changing for me. I was able to recognize things within myself that I would not have seen if I had not gone. In my head something was wrong with everyone else. Now I see the flaws and ignorance in my thinking as well as some of my negative behaviors. I can now go on with my life knowing myself and being proud of me regardless of my flaws.  It is very clear that Dr. Bryant is passionate and knowledgeable about what she does. I recommend this workshop to everybody.

Jamie Johnson

Dr. Bryant’s workshop was powerful & overwhelmingly refreshing to say the least! One would probably come thinking just another “healing” session…but trust me your mind will be blown & your tear ducts will be EMPTY!!! I recommend everyone both male & female to atleast be apart of the experience one time. You will NOT leave the same! I promise.

DayDay Wells

Dr. Bryant, my name is Brandye and I attended your workshop this afternoon. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to attend and participate in the workshop.  I am forever grateful for having this opportunity. As stated earlier today, I have had a long history of trauma and depression which I have been going to great lengths to treat but to no avail. I’ve endured countless medications, hospitalizations, ECT, and nothing has been successful.  However, your workshop today did something to me that no other treatment has done before, and that is, it broke me open to finally allow the healing to begin. I will absolutely continue to attend your workshops in order to continue my healing and growth. I finally have a glimpse of hope that I will have a future of happiness and success. You are a very powerful woman with an amazing gift and I am forever grateful to have crossed your path.

Brandye Combs




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